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The results will be counted and published on the 14th of November.

They will then be archived on this website, freely available to be used for research projects, books, websites, articles, or even personal knowledge. We even hope some of the search engines themselves make use of it as a source to gain opinions from their users themselves.


NextSearchSurvey is a totally free, not-for-profit survey which will run from the 13th of August to the 13th of November 2004.

The goal of this survey is to deliver accurate, elegant results on people’s opinions towards the future of search engines. In the survey, 20 questions will be asked with up to 4 choices for you to select.


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Good Web Design Makes Visitors Stay Longer

It is likely that you’ve read about some people or may even know someone who has dropped their office job to concentrate more on their website business simply because they are earning significantly more from their websites as compared to the salary they get from work.  This is true for certain people as either they stroke luck with their website or they learned the tricks of the trade on how to make their website more successful.

When it comes to website success, it is important to understand that you cannot make it successful all on your own.  You need to hire certain individuals, groups, or companies to help make it happen.  In other words, you need to spend in order to earn.  Just like advertisements for physical products, ranking your website through SEO services is also equally important.  Basically, what is the point of having a good website if no one ever visits your website?  In fact, the opposite is also true as what is the point of having a good ranking website if all the visitors to the site bounces off because of poor web design.

In order to make a website more successful, it needs to have good balance.  First, it is important that the website has good design so that visitors can maneuver through its content very easily.  Second, the content and graphics of the website should be of good or high quality.  Third, the website should get ranked through the services of companies.  It is crucial that you do not ignore any of the three as these are all very important in the success of a website.

Making a website beautiful and well-laid out is very important.  If you do not know how to do this, you should hire the services of professionals such as that of Calgary SEO and Web Design.  This crew specializes in web design and they can accommodate the overall theme of your website and design it accordingly.  Your website will look very professional so that potential buyers of what you have to offer will not make any hesitation in buying from you.  The crew also provides graphic design calgary so you can request any graphic design theme you need in order to make your website uniquely yours.  Once you are done with this, you can now concentrate on placing quality content and making your website ranked through search engine optimization.

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