NextSearchSurvey is a totally free, not-for-profit survey which will run from the 13th of August to the 13th of November 2004.

The goal of this survey is to deliver accurate, elegant results on people’s opinions towards the future of search engines. In the survey, 20 questions will be asked with up to 4 choices for you to select.

Most of the questions will require you to recall your searching habits, views, and what you think your choice of the perfect search engine would be. It is a completely anonymous survey and will require hardly 3 minutes of your time.


The results will be counted and published on the 14th of November.

They will then be archived on this website, freely available to be used for research projects, books, websites, articles, or even personal knowledge. We even hope some of the search engines themselves make use of it as a source to gain opinions from their users themselves.


In order to deliver perfect and accurate results, we are in-need of your support. You can support us by telling all your friends, relatives, and family, to take our short survey.

If you are a business owner, you can also sponsor our survey.